Image Gallery

Kathline Carr.  Gilgo Beach Blanket.  Acrylic, collage, 
stitching on fabric and canvas. 76 in. x 62 in.  2013.

Julie R. Amrany. Interstellar Installation. Video still. 2013.

Michelle Saffran.  Christmas.  Photo collage with thread.  
19 in. X 30 in.  2013.

Mary Zompetti.  Spiral.  Print.  
20 in. X 33 in.  2013.

Molly Painter.  The Theoretical Probability of Life in the Heart of
Something Inanimate
Piñata for a "smash-up".  2013.

Sarah Barr. Catholic Standard and Times:  September - 
December, 1979.  Video stills.  2013.

Karen Assel. Homeless Coming. Plaster and found objects. 
5 ft. X 3 ft. X 1.5 ft. 2013.

Nicole Daviau.  With / in / Between.  Plastic, wood,
electric light. 7 foot cube.  2013.

Linda S. Fitz Gibbon.  Mirage.  Ceramic, 
wood, steel, mirror, artificial turf, pins.  
31 in. X 12 in. X 10 in.   2012.

Lydia Gravis.  Distilling the Enigmatic.  Graphite, 
acrylic, oil stick on paper.  38 in. X 50 in.  2013.

Rita Maas.  Beacon, NY 10.8.12.  
From Tidal Volumes of the Hudson River.  Print.
 24 in. x 32 in.  2013.

Jessica Putnam-Phillips.  Manchu Warriors.  From the project 
Fractured ParadigmsCeramic. 17 in. X 13 in. X 1.5 in. 2013.

Jason Pramas.  Former Bond Leather Factory in 
South Peabody, MA.  From Peabody:  The Syntropy
Archive.  Digital photograph.  2012.

Janna Olivia Genereaux.  The Model for the Art of Play.
Documentation image; participatory installation.  2012.

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